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Full Design

Creating a new garden is a complicated process so I have listed below a brief explanation of the different stages required.

Stage 1

Initial Consultation

The process starts with a site visit, followed by discussions with the client, highlighting needs, preferences and budgets. This is followed by a written description of work and fees which I submit to the client.

Stage 3

Outline proposals and Strategies

A written report is then compiled containing the design brief and outline proposals, including suggestions for hard landscaping materials and plants for the client to approve.  

Stage 2

Site Analysis and survey

I usually undertake my own site analysis and survey but in larger or more complicated gardens, perhaps with many changes of level, I prefer to instruct a professional landscape surveyor.

Stage 4

Presentation of Master Plan

Once the client has approved the proposals, I prepare the Master Plan, which is drawn to scale and is accompanied by a breakdown of costs for the scheme.

Stage 5

Preparation of Hard-landscaping and Planting Plans

These plans are also drawn to scale and are always clearly labelled and suitable for the home gardener to implement. I can recommend suitable local landscaper contractors if necessary.

Stage 6

Monitoring and Advice

As the work is carried out, I always maintain regular contact with the client or contractor to ensure the smooth implementation of the plans. There will be  support and advice throughout the entire design process and construction and planting process.

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