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To up-grade an existing garden to a beautiful, more environmentally friendly space, I offer a consultancy service.

This service comprises a site visit with a detailed assessment of the garden's aspect, light, degree of exposure and soil type. It also includes an appraisal of any hard landscaping and all the current planting.


Following an in depth discussion with the client, I prepare a comprehensive report full of easy to follow advice on how to improve their garden. 


The resulting report is emailed as a PDF and would include some or all of the following, depending on the client's brief. For example:

  • Recommendations for beautiful plants that benefit pollinating insects and provide habitats and food sources for a wide range of wildlife. 

  • detailed descriptions of the plants (with images) including trees and shrubs that will thrive in this particular garden.


  • suggestions for relevant hard landscaping materials.

  • advice on plant care and pruning.

  •  how to deal with problems such as poor drainage and soil condition.

  • any other factors which maybe needed to invigorate the look and feel of a garden.

       Reports are usually ready for the client within a week of the visit.

This is a fixed fee service. 

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