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Planting  Design

For clients who do not require a full garden design, a new planting plan may be the best way forward to achieve an attractive and ecologically sound garden.

Stage 1

Initial Consultation

The process starts with a site visit, followed by discussions with the client, highlighting needs, preferences and budgets. This is followed by a written description of work and fees which I submit to the client.

Stage 2

Site Analysis

I undertake a site analysis and survey. Planting Plans are usually less complicated than a full design so do not require the use an external surveyor.

Stage 3

Outline Proposals

I then prepare a written report containing plant suggestions, including images and descriptions, for different zones within the garden and submit this to the client. 

Stage 4

Planting Plan

Following discussion and approval, I create a detailed Planting Plan and breakdown of costs. The plans will be to scale, clearly labelled and suitable for the home gardener to implement. 

Stage 5

Monitoring and Advice

Whenever necessary I am available for advice and support. I can also recommend suitable local landscaper contractors if requested.

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