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Environmentally-friendly Garden Design. What Is It?

It's a myth that an environmentally-friendly garden is just a neglected patch of brambles full of nettles!

Sustainable, eco-friendly garden designs don't have to look any different from conventional designs, whatever the style.

Using materials that have properties such as being

  • made from recycled products

  • locally produced and sourced

  • made from natural, renewable sources

and using plants that

  • are ideal for pollinators

  • provide a source of year round nectar and pollen

  • are organically produced

  • are locally sourced

can take a garden from a uninspiring space to a stylish, beautiful sanctuary for both people and wildlife.

Whether you want to create a new garden from scratch, change your planting scheme or simply upgrade an existing garden, with the help of a good garden designer you can create a sustainable, environmentally-friendly garden.

My name is Christina Sullivan. I am a garden designer based in Cornwall. I have a degree in Environmental Science and combine my training and experience as a designer with my knowledge of the natural world.

I can help you discover the potential in your garden to be a beautiful, environmentally-friendly sanctuary without the need to be a bramble patch full of nettles!

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